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Re: [SLE] Time Has Come For Microsoft Settlement(OT)
  • From: dep <dep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 07:25:53 -0500
  • Message-id: <200211020725.53617.dep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
begin Curtis Rey's quote:

| With a 90+% share of the desktop market and a substantial amount of
| the NASDAQ riding on M$ stock, at least to a measurable amount,
| what is the implications of M$ stock taking a major dive?
| Especialy in the current market. I find it funny that a tacit turn
| around regarding what action to take against M$ happened after 9/11
| and the precipitous drop in the markets. Wall Street may turn to
| Linux and Open Source to run their systems but the rely on M$ to
| run the tech sector, at least to a fair degree.

actually, the judge in ordering the two sides to settle, an order she
made on, i believe, september 29, 2001, did in fact cite national
security, which had everybody scratching their heads because
"microsoft" and "security" are not commonly used in the same
sentence. i wrote about it at the time:

At the end of September, Judge Kollar-Kotelly ordered the government
and Microsoft to arrive at a settlement in this, the penalty phase of
the litigation. She implied that doing so would somehow make it
easier to defeat the Al Qaeda terrorists, or words to that effect.
Microsoft's negotiators and people from the Department of Justice,
who bore the title of "negotiator" even if their actions scarcely
reflected it, sat in a room where, apparently, the DoJ people were
kept busy acceding to everything Microsoft's negotiators asked for;
the reason it took a few days, one might suppose, was so Microsoft's
people could phone Redmond to get them to think up additional demands
to which the government would instantly agree. According to a report
in The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft cowed the DoJ into going along
with all this by freely profaning the phrase "in the national
interest," saying that Microsoft's demands met that specification.

The result is the proposed settlement, which would grant Microsoft its
operating system monopoly -- indeed, contains wording such that it
would no longer be illegal for Microsoft to maintain that monopoly --
while saying that if Microsoft wants to, it can make it easier for
people to write Windows applications, but it's by no means required
to do so. In short, the settlement is a travesty, an ill-advised
embarrassment that flings down and dances upon the law and upon all
but the most twisted notion of justice.
[end of quote]
dep -- outside the box, barely within
the envelope, and no animated paperclip anywhere.

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