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Re: [SLE] SuSE opens Linux desktop for Windows
  • From: Curtis Rey <crrey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 03:19:33 -0600
  • Message-id: <3DC398A5.5070709@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Ben Rosenberg wrote:

* Curtis Rey (crrey@xxxxxxxxxxx) [021102 00:10]:

->I couldn't agree more. If converting M$ drones is going to happen then ->the "I really don't care as long as it works" is going to be the ->attitude of Joe and Jane Average. They lead fairly busy lives and ->really don't want to have to tinker with things like a PC --they just ->want them to work-- and that's their bottom line.

Well. Windows doesn't "just work" in a lot of cases it's a lot of work.
To keep running...depending on what you do with it.

->Look at things from Joe and Jane Averages point of view. I don't have ->to program my TV, I just turn it on, and as for my VCR... well my ->brother set that up and now it works fine. As far as my cable box from ->my cable tv subscription, well the guy that installed it said to turn on ->the TV and the Box on and it would take about 1/2 hour for all the stuff ->to link up with the cable company and then I would be able to watch my ->new cable TV and if it didn't to call the support and have them fix it.

This argument doesn't wash. When TV's can play MP3's, browse the web,
let them do their taxes.etc..etc..all from the same "unmodified"
singular device then it would hold water. As it stands a PC is capable
of 1000's of tasks. TV's, VCR's and the other things mentioned are
singular, specialized devices that are task specific. Of course they
don't have to configure their T.V..and as far as the cable box is
concerned that's all remote control. And I guess since the slapping of
MS's wrist...PC's will be come remote controlled devices as well.

->Linux has the talent in the programmers and the ability to do ->essentially anything anyone else is doing, that goes for the GUI, ->hardware, an Office Suite, etc... It's just a matter of will and focus. ->Most people don't want to think about how things work, they just want ->them to work.... after all, why should they? It's their money and ->they'll spend it on "what ever works".

Yes, there are a lot of talented people out there..trying to figure out
how to make something complex smart enough for people who don't actually
care about what their using enough to learn about what their using.
Maybe McNealy is right. There should be dumb terms installed in each
house connected to some big brotherish mainframe that people who have
1/2 a thought in their heads control. Then again maybe not ..who knows.

I do know this. A computer isn't' comparable to any other household
item...not TV's..not VCR's. It's a complex system that was sold to the
general consumer as a dumb device. I don't care what system you
use..Mac, Windows or Linux. It takes some brain cells to use
correctly...otherwise they should get Web-TV and be done with it.

*grumble* /end rant.

I totally understand your point. But, I have been spending time with people that have fscked windows pc's. They have no idea about patches (aka windows update) and I have to show them how to go to the web site and update IE, Outluck, etc.... They install antivirus SF 'cause someone told them they needed it, but once again they have never used the stuff in say.. Norton, like "online update". They're smart enough to put a CD into the drive and follow the instructions on how to install it. Some are smart enough to put things in other places and not just in C:/Program Files/whatever so they don't look befuddled when a program says they haven't enough disk space but they now the have 20 more gigs of HDD space...."what do you mean a different partitions"?
Your absolutely right. They don't by PC's and then an OS. The buy a Dell and this is what I'm trying to say. To them it's just a fancy and confusing appliance. And many are terrified to do much with it because they're afraid they'll break it. To them it's a type writer, a movie player, a browser, and music station, a game station, a mail system all rolled up into one. They haven't the slightest idea why opening attachments from Outluck is such a problem and don't bother trying to explain it. They call a friend to install a new monitor or video card but don't bother to watch you so they will learn. Even worse, they pay some tech head $70+/hr to install a video card, an operation, that if done right, will take a whole 30 minutes and charge them for 3 hours work --not knowing that it only took the schmuck 30 minutes.

A person just replied to this post and had the same notion as you and I. He stated the same thing, that people buy Dells, HP's Compaq's, etc.. and perhaps there should be a OEM that installs perconfigured Linux OSes on up to date PC's. Dell tried this, but between M$ and less then hoped for sales (though a little marketing on their part would've hurt either) the backed off. What I do see is many European governemts wanting to go to Open Source. Perhaps some European, or perhaps Asain, OEM will make PC's with Linux pre-installed. Then the masses will buy linux because it's cheaper, doesn't get many (if any viruses), and has good customer/community support. Not to mention that, if any of the vendors are like SuSE, they have frequent updates. Like it's been said, Windows has just as many problems as Linux but the PC OEM gets it to work with their stuff before they put it to market. So stuff like Nvidia, ATI, Sound Blaster, Maxtor, etc.., etc.., all help the OEM's that buy in bulk. Linux is still a bit too grass roots (not that I'm complaining) and needs a few PC OEM's, a little main stream marketing (besides IBM and business solutions). Then Joe and Jane Average will most like start to adopt Linux, much in the same manner that they do with Apple.

Cheers, Curtis

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