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SV: [SLE] Office Jet and CUPS

God morning from Denmark

I have 2 printers HP 7350 Photoprinter and a Officejet G85. I have 2
servers, one with suse 8.0 Pro and the other with 8.1 pro. I can get my
Photoprinter HP 7350 to print, and it work fine on both servers. I have
problem with HP G85 on both, I have tryed to update, and I have tryed to
change from CUPS to lpr/lpd, and that is the same result.
When I make a test print to G85 it make a job in the que, and it looks like
that the printer is recieving the job, if the printer is offline, the job is
holding, and as soon I turn the printer online, the job is sending, and soon
it is done. I don't know, but maybe there is some in the printer
initializing, that the printer don't understand? And when I try to search
for a scanner I get no result. Both printers are connected with USB.

Any have some good Idea to try?

Tage Danielsen.

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