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Radeon " powered by " clones = " built by " under SuSE ?

I see a lot of recommendations for Radeon cards on this forum (particularly the 7500 (from Ben) and the 8500).
So as I am tired of playing with Nvidia drivers under SuSE, I went down town today to pick one up.

Much to my surprise it appears to be impossible to pick up a real " built by " Radeon 7500 (or 8500) video card. All available Radeon cards are " powered by " clones of Radeon card, the most popular brand by far being " PowerColor ". Now I know that there are differences in the BIOS and the memory speed among the various " built by " and " powered by " Radeon video cards. What I don't know these and their other differences affect their use or performance with SuSE.

So here is are questions:
Can anyone give me a report on using " PowerColor " Radeon 7500 or 8500 or other " powered by " clones with SuSE?

Do the XFREE86 drivers work as well for the is " powered by " versions (clone) cards as they do for the
" built by " cards?

Is the performance comparable?

I am asking all these questions - I can always keep using my Nvidia card - and I really don't want any more problems setting up my video configuration with SuSE.

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