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Shorter battery life on laptop with SuSE 8.1 ?
Hi, list users!

I finally decided to make my laptop happy by replacing its SuSE 7.1 with
the brand new 8.1 Pro. So, I made a clean new install from DVD. By the
way, it was a pleasant surprise to get the job done in no more than 30
min.(OK, I had some minor problems with apm/acpi ons and offs, but
solved them by putting apm=on, acpi=off in my kernel boot line). Just
for reference, the laptop is HP OmniBook 6000 (PIII/850MHz/256MbRAM).

Now, I can not believe myself, but it seems that my laptop's battery
life decreased significantly after this upgrade. Here, by
"significantly", I mean: it's not above 3 hours any more, but just about
2 hours, or even less. Thus, it is more than 30% decrease.

I think I remember someone on this list mentioned power consumption of
ReiserFS. May that be the cause of the problem, since I used ext before?
If that is true, what could be the file system of choice for laptops,
regarding battery consumption.

I would like to avoid by all means experiments, like e.g. to
reformat/revert back to 7.1, and check the battery life again.

Any thoughts/hints/experience by list users highly appreciated.


Radule Soskic

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