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Re: [SLE] SuSE opens Linux desktop for Windows -- It takes a community effort
On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 07:04, Joe & Sesil Morris (NTM) wrote:

> After having been an OS/2 user for several years before SuSE linux, I
> can tell you that this idea is also non workable. IBM had Win/OS2,
> which was more stable than native Windows 3.1 (I guess that wasn't too
> hard ;-) ), but Microsoft will constantly change the goal post to make
> something break. A better idea is to build native apps that outperform
> M$. That is something M$ can do nothing about, but fear.

That should be the real emphasis on effort sure. However, every successful OS has had some sort of
compatibility layer to help people make the move to the new OS. Max OSX
has Mac 9 compatibility. Win 95 had DOS compatibility. I know this is
different in a sense because linux would have to emulate not an older
version of its own software base but another companies software base.
This is different and I do understand this. However, it is necessary to
wean users from their MS ways as well as make up the time until Mr.
Project matches MS Project's capability or DIA matches Visio's feature
set for examples that go beyond the OpenOffice can open Word files

The failure of OS/2 which I worked on for a time as well was due first
to bad marketing and a failure to produce applications in native format
at all. IBM's Office suite was about the only commercial native app I
even remember. The ad campaign gave no clue about what Warp could
really do and why anyone should buy it. I swear sometimes the best way
to make a software project fail is to give to IBM. Lotus Notes and its
success is the only example I can think of where IBM from a business
sense got it right in terms of placing the product to corporate
america. Plus, at that time, people in corporate IT were still more
afraid of IBM than they were MS.

linux since already has plenty of wonderful native apps available for
the platform. It was not planned but it turned out in my opinion to be
the best formula for success. Get the native apps going and then focus
on integrating a compatibility layer to reel in more users.

Johnathan Bailes BAE Systems ESI

"UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because
that would also stop you from doing clever things." - Doug Gwyn

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