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Re: [SLE] BUG REPORT--Yast2, suse 8.0
  • From: Marcel Broekman <m.broek@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 08:32:20 +0100
  • Message-id: <200211010832.20809.m.broek@xxxxxxxxx>
Op vrijdag 1 november 2002 01:10, schreef Karl Agee:
> Sorry if a partial message got through my fingers are
> too fat I guess.....
> Anyway you may have read about my hosed-up suse 8.0
> install and how I got it back...well, after I updated
> lilo (in yast2) and closed yast2 it happened..AGAIN!
> The EXACT same thing!!!!!
> Here's what happened:
> I had to add a device file for my windows partition as
> it got lost in the crash of '02. I added the device
> file /dev/hde1 I mounted and unmounted the drive
> /dev/hde1 just_fine, and via yast2, added it to lilo.
> Updated lilo, fine. All went well.
> It then seemed to start updating the configuration
> files and I think that is when it went NUTS--again!
> First my desktop icons vanished...when the hard disk
> stopped thrashing I tried opening my home dir and not
> there! other base directories where gone,
> wouldnt shut down properly as I had to use the reset
> button.
> But lilo is back and I can get into windows just
> fine....
> So now I have to do the restore dance again...thank
> goodness I have the mondoarchive. and thanks for the
> help from Doug Glenn! (and I am NOT going to use
> yast2 until it gets fixed!!!)
> is there a better place to report this bug?????
> --karl



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