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Re: [SLE] SuSE 8.1 at retail? REDUX
On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 09:34, Kevin McLauchlan wrote:
> Humph! I'm............ miffed.
> A week after ordering, I just got an e-mail from Camelot
> in Montreal, sorrowfully informing me that they don't seem
> to have the item that I ordered -- SuSE 8.1 Pro --
> available. Two more weeks, at least. Just when I had
> my mouth all set for the taste... dammit!
> So, I called The Clones Society, and they don't have
> it at all. Not even listed in their computer as something
> they *would* carry. The guy who took my call suggested
> that it might be because their regional distributor is no
> longer supplying.
> This is the same conversation that I had with "Novo Club",
> before they went out of business. Some political wrangling
> has resulted in a falling-out between SuSE and whomever
> *was* doing regional distribution in Eastern Canada.
> FutureShop is still trying to sell 8.0. No 8.1 yet.
> So, is ANYBODY aware of ANY store that has SuSE 8.1 Pro
> in stock, in the Ottawa region, Ontario, Canada?
> Actually, I'm driving to Montreal this weekend, so if
> there's any place in Montreal... that would be good, too??
> /kevin

Hi Kevin,

I also received email from Camelot saying that SuSE 8.1 would not be
available for a while. I called them and spoke to Bernard who said that
their new supplier had originally promised better delivery but had
recently told Camelot that delivery would likely be around the weekend
of October 19. Camelot was very good about canceling my order.

Future Shop in western Canada is not any more aware of SuSE 8.1 than
Future Shop in eastern Canada. They still think SuSE 8.0 is the latest.

So once again SuSE in Canada is non-existent.

Linux Central (I do not have an interest) will ship to Canada. They
have SuSE Pro @ US74.95 and SuSE 8.1 Update @ US$49.95 and in stock.

To reduce your cost into Canada, select USPS rather than UPS. UPS
charges a C$35 handling fee + GST + duty on shipments into Canada. USPS
becomes Purolator in Canada and the handling fee is only C$5 + +. By
selecting USPS air mail from Linux Central your landed cost is about the
same as if you had bought SuSE from


Is there anyone at SuSE that we can effectively complain to about the
poor SuSE supply into Canada?

Ralph Sanford - If your government does not trust you,
rsanford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - should you trust your government?

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