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Re: [SLE] bcm5700.o certified SuSE SMP driver issue
On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 17:12, Christopher Mahmood wrote:
> * Johnathan Bailes (johnathan.bailes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [021002 12:22]:
> > What is the format for that ifconfig command? Its been awhile since I
> > messed with setting that manually I am becoming too much of a gui whore.
> One of the AMD hammer developers has confirmed this as a driver bug
> and suggested trying the tg3 driver (not all broadcom are supported
> though).
> The command will be the usual ifconfig for bring up a device plus
> 'hw 00:10:18:68:61:xx', where 'xx' will have to be different for
> each interface.

I was incomplete in my last few messages because I tried the tg3 driver
and get IO and IRQ errors on the insmod. I saw this in another kernel
listing and stayed with the bcm5700 driver. Someone posted on a list
that doing a bios update cleared up their trouble and they were able to
use the tg3 driver but I was out yesterday and do not if this worked.
Any suggestion on another better supported Gigabit card cards maybe the
AMD hammer developer has a suggestion?

We are ready to chunk the 3com since we have gotten three bad cards so
far from them.

This is starting to strain the push to SuSE servers in some of the lower
rank and file IT folks someone even said that Windows was starting to
look good.

The odd part is that I have two other boxes set up latter with the exact
configurations working fine. They are running older drivers that I
compiled myself but my driver or the SuSE certified drivers act the same
in the boxes giving us trouble.

Johnathan Bailes BAE Systems ESI

"UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because
that would also stop you from doing clever things." - Doug Gwyn

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