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Re: [SLE] 8.1 copies are allready being sold on Ebay
Ok here is a question regarding SuSE and eBay...

Lets say I own a computer store and over ordered SuSE 8.1 I can't take
them to eBay to sell?

When I used to own my own shop, I used to always turn to eBay to sell
off my surplus, quick way to get my products out there, and make up some
loss in the process.

Robert K Davies
Textbox Networks

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 13:26, Christopher Mahmood wrote:
> * Jon Biddell (jon@xxxxxxxxx) [021002 22:13]:
> > I think I remember that Chris was going to take issue with eBay over this...
> No, I just pass the urls on to the sales people who send him or ebay
> a nasty letter.
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> -ckm
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