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Re: [SLE] Problems with Mantel's 2.4.19-86 and 3c59x (SuSE 8.0)
  • From: Nick LeRoy <nleroy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 22:11:01 -0500
  • Message-id: <200210020311.g923B2007739@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 01 October 2002 05:15 pm, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> Well, it appears your using one of Hubert's test kernels. He doesn't
> compile in PCMCIA modules into these. You should get the latest PCMCIA
> modules package and compile them in. I don't remember the reason for
> this. A bit of a hint. If you using a test kernel from Hubert Mantel's
> directory on the ftp server I wouldn't report anything weird to the LKML
> because it's not a bug it's a configuration issue. Try getting the
> latest PCMCIA tar.gz and installing it.


Thanks for the hints..

PCMCIA _isn't_ the problem, and is working just fine... The PCMCIA Orinoco is
working just as expected, but the _built in_ 3c556b is giving me grief. Now,
I'll grant that I don't know much about this chip set, and it make act as a
PCMCIA device that's not removable; I don't know. However, the fact that the
Orinoco works fine tells me that the PCMCIA subsystem probably isn't the
source of my problems.

I asked in another followup, but I'll ask again:

If I were to try a generic kernel (aka Marcelo's 2.4.19 or the latest
pre-20), are there any patches that I'd need to apply to make it work well
with SuSE? I know that in the past I used to apply the ALSA patches, but
with ALSA integrated, that should no longer be an issue. Are there any
others that I need to be aware of (yeah, I _should_ track this stuff better,
but I just don't have the time).

Is there someplace a comprehensive list of the patches that SuSE applies to
the "standard" kernel (not as a patch, but as a human readable "the xyz
patch" and "fix blah")? What about the same to the ~mantel kernels?

Thanks much!


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