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Re: [SLE] RedHat -v- SuSE 8.0 - My opinion
  • From: Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 16:52:58 +0200
  • Message-id: <20020428165257.A28930@xxxxxxx>
On Sun, Apr 28, Al Sutton wrote:

> > >1) SuSE 8.0 doesn't recognise my IOMega ZIP CD (which is about two years
> > > old), whereas RedHat has done for a number of months.
> >
> > I don't know what's special about the ZIP CD. How is it connected to
> > the computer?
> >
> This was due to an incompatibility between the USB controller and I beleive
> SuSE Linux, although I am not 100% sure. The drive worked on the controller
> user RH 7.2, but required moving to another USB controller (the one on the
> mother board as opposed to an addition card) in order to work with SuSE 8.0.

This are the usual problems with the USB kernel stack: In one kernel version
controller A does not work, in the next kernel release controller B makes
problems. I'm sure you will find USB controllers, where Red Hat does not
work, but SuSE does. This is a big problem with the current USB development.

> > >4) I am unable to download a CD image to do installation from, which means
> > > I'm at the mercy of my CD's not being lost, and if they are I have to buy
> > > a new set.
> >
> > Oh, you're unable to make images from the CDs you bought? Funny that
> > you're able to use images to install from. Really, this argument is
> > ridiculous.
> >
> Are you saying that all of the CDs & the DVD in SuSE 8 are free from copyright
> issues (Including the ones in th pay directory).

No, they are not free from copyright issues. But it is not forbidden to
make backups from the media, you are even allowed to make copies and give
them to good friends for free.

> > >5) To install NFS server support I have to install a set of packages which
> > >YaST complains may cause problems with each other.
> >
> > This simply isn't true! Please tell me where you think YaST2
> > complained.
> >
> If this is untrue can you explain where the following error message comes from
> when I select Software -> Install/Remove Software under YaST2;
> Package nfs-utils interferes with:
> nfs-server,
> This is usually not a serious problem, but if you experience undesired
> behavior, you might need to remove packages manually.

I don't see the problem you have: The nfs-utils for the kernel NFS server
are installed and you try to install the userland NFS server, which
conflicts with the kernel NFS server utilities. YaST2 is correct to
disallow this. If you wish to switch from kernel NFS to userland NFS,
you need to deinstall at first the one.

> > >6) SuSE complains if I try perform an installation from CD and then try to
> > >install packages from the DVD. Aren't they the same, and if not why not?
> >
> > They used to differ slightly in contents as there's a bit more space
> > on the DVD. But even if YaST2 complains, you're able to continue
> > working, so what's the hassle?
> >
> The hassle is the apparent error message which doesn't tell me if it's OK to
> procced or not. If it doesn't cause a problem why am I warned?

Because it can cause problems, so we warn. You can calculate it yourself:
7 CDs does not fit on one DVD. So there is seldom used software missing on
the DVD which can cause problems for you. So YaST2 is correct to warn
you about this.


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