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RedHat -v- SuSE 8.0 - My opinion
  • From: Al Sutton <al@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 12:42:36 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
I've now tried to get SuSE 8.0 Professional working, and I've come to the
conclusion it's not suitable for production use, and so I've decided to
switch back to the freely downloadable edition of RedHat 7.2.

The list of reasons why I'm doing this are;

1) SuSE 8.0 doesn't recognise my IOMega ZIP CD (which is about two years old),
whereas RedHat has done for a number of months. This makes me nervous as to
which other devices are supported within the Linux kernel, but not in SuSE.

2) SuSE 8.0's support for wireless PCMCIA networking is appauling, and I can't
justify it's use on laptops on this basis. RedHat's configuration interface
treats wireless networking as just another ethernet device if you want to do
simple interface.

3) I'm unable to boot SuSE 8.0 from a floppy disk on machines with USB floppy
and/or CD-ROM drives (which is extremly useful for laptops). RedHat 7.2
offers a boot from single disk option for floppy drives.

4) I am unable to download a CD image to do installation from, which means I'm
at the mercy of my CD's not being lost, and if they are I have to buy a new

5) To install NFS server support I have to install a set of packages which
YaST complains may cause problems with each other.

6) SuSE complains if I try perform an installation from CD and then try to
install packages from the DVD. Aren't they the same, and if not why not?

I find this a shame, because I've heard some good things about SuSE, and I'm
in the process of evaluating options for the base Linux distribution for the
software product the company I work for sells.

My final opinion of the product is that it's unfinished and therefore not
suiable for use in productions systems.

Before anyone starts offering me pointers to help files, FAQs, or any other
source of "how to do this without using the SuSE tools", please don't. I'm of
the opinion that if it's not integrated into SuSE's tools then SuSE probably
don't want you to use it. The Wireless Lan section of the unofficial FAQ
shows this well because it recommends switching off the SuSE setting in order
to get things working.


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