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Re: [SLE] Polish That Disk
  • From: Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:21:14 -0700
  • Message-id: <20020425202114.GI7895@xxxxxxxxx>

::Oooo, nasty jab from Suse themselves.
::Does everyone see this?

Hey MOM! Some made an innuendo and I jumped on it like a grenade!

It's not a remark from SuSE..SuSE has 600+ employee's. If Chris truly
gets annoyed with you he can just un-subscribe you and be done with you.
Heck he can block your whole bloody domain if he so chooses. BTW..this
is a free to the public support list. It's a cost to SuSE as a
company...and most SuSE employee's don't pay attention it. Your just
annoying the general public with you silliness.

::Remember, in this, I was attacked with no provocation.

Oh brother. You've been a jackass since the first post. It can't be a
mistake that 9-10 people on this list think you've been WAY out of line.
They can't all be wrong. Heck I'm just having fun now... Your just
looking for provocation.

::I earnestly and specifically laid out an innovative (tho tested) idea, and
::specifically noted that I expected flames. I did this, not for monetary
::gain, and not to gain fans (as some here do), but to
::*simply*help*at*least*a*few*people*out*there*. Suse doesn't recognize it, but
::this will help them too.

Being that Jens Axboe and (formerly) Andre Hendrick are SuSE employee
and are much more qualified to speak on the subject of EIDE hardware
then you are since they wrote most of the code Linux uses.. I doubt
anything you post here will effect SuSE in the least accept making
others on this list annoyed.

::And I was received like I was trying to overthrow the government.
::As expected:

No, but being a jerk. Causing people grief disrupts the flow of things
and people get pissed.

::Matthew Johnson:
::"Are you talking about "Pixie Dust" here?"

Pixie Dust is IBM's technology for getting EIDE hard drives over the
120G mark. See you thought this was just a dig at you. Shows your just
spouting crap.

::Greg Hicks:
::"(You) go around spewing nonsense and then not back it up. If you are so self
::righteous as to come forward with this sort of drivel then you should at
::least provide links to sites that provide a little support to your wild
::Anon. Coward =Anonymous Coward = Afraid to even prove who he is"

This is an honest assertion of wanting proof for statements. Which you
keep failing to do properly.

::And several much more nasty attacks, BEFORE I stood up for myself.

Well, when you started calling names and being a jerk about the subject
w/ out proof of your statements .. attacks are pretty much what your
gonna get.

::So I'd like to ask everyone this: If three months from now, you find my
::suggestion helpful, or at least not harmful, please remember what
::Christopher Mahmood <ckm@xxxxxxxx> of Suse said:

Oh the pain! Chris you bad boy :P~

::"(Jens Axboe and Andre Hedrick) didn't say 'the poster should stick to
::polishing tables at McDonald's' or anything like that because they are both
::very nice people but if I were posting from a non-SuSE address I might try to
::come up with some sort of witty remark like that."
::Who's to say you didn't?
::I am disappointed now with Suse.

Hey be disappointed with Chris not SuSE. If one person's opinion negates
6.5G's of software and 600+ other people man you have a VERY thin skin.
I dealt with much worse as far as SuSE employee's...try dealing with
SuSE's former CTO ..that dude was a real peace of work. Try working for
a company for a year..getting laid off..yet still using the software,
putting up with jerks like you on a help list and all the other stuff
I've done... oh wait! I see the errors of my ways. I'm going to use
Debian! NOT! :P~

::I think Suse is a nice distro, but I am not married to it. I am now
::concerned with openness to change here, tolerance of caustic attitudes, and
::allowing a climate of fear on this forum. (If you ever hesitate to ask, you
::know what I mean)

We are not open to changing reality here. If you want to change how
things actually work, then you should probably go find somewhere else.
Your right..your not married to it. You probably don't even care much
for Linux .. it just sounds like you wanted to find someone to argue

Again this is my personal opinion..if you want help with "SuSE Linux"
and how it relates to hardware/software fine. If you want to argue about
OT stuff that's not even correct then please Sir do find some other
mailing list (forum) to waste bandwidth on.

::Me? I returned fire, for a change. Hurts, don't it? I am bemused by the
::number of people wanting me to spoon-feed them, when they exactly are the
::RTFM cartel. Big talkers. No ideas.

The only thing that hurts is your stupidity. I think your bemused by
quite a few other things and it isn't just our attitude.

The thing that you forget is that if WE asked you the question you would
be within your rights to say go RTFM...WE however didn't ask you a
bloody thing. You made a bunch of false statements from frelling
left-field and when asked for proof you balked at giving it. This list is
anything but an "RTFM crowd". I can't EVEN count the number of times
I've explained the nVidia module install and other such things. I've
tried very hard not to say " MY GOD JUST GO LOOK AT THE DAMN ARCHIVES,
I'VE EXPLAINED THIS 10 TIMES IN 2 MONTHS!" ... nope. I just explain it
again and heck I've even done it off list for people. But the sad fact
of the matter is the only thing I would explain to you Sir is this.....

A. insert dos boot disk.
B. type fdisk
C. delete non-dos partitions
D. Reboot install Windows and stay the hell out of my SLE mailbox.

Linux people have been taking all kindas of crap for the last couple
years and it's proceeded by " If you don't treat the converts nicely
they'll go back to Windows." Oh boy. We lost one and gained 12. ;)

I don't care anymore. I'm not going to coddle a moron to keep him/her
using Linux. It ain't happening. I can be a very nice helpful
person..but I can't also be a mean prick. *shrug*

Oh well. Until the next set of stupid comments from you...buhbye.

::Innovators RULE! Mean people SUCK!
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If it's true that our species is alone in the
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aimed rather low and settled for very little. -GC

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