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Re: [SLE] Polish That Disk
"Black holes that only suck up the light", as the songwriter said.
"Sucks all the oxygen out of the room", is what I say. I've seen the bullies

d00d I am not here to convince you. I provided the key, for the sole purpose
of others' benefit, and to resolve complex and disturbing problems, for those
who are willing to do just a little work.

This is indeed one of them thar "new-fangled ide-rs", so I expected flak from
the few regressive pricks here.

Alot of us just don't care about reflexive nay-sayers who won't get off their
lazy butts.

I tell you what. Prove to us that this function does NOT exist on Maxtor,
WD, Seagate, etc. If you can't you nay-sayers SUCK.

Michael Nelson,
Ben Rosenberg,
Jerry Van Brimmer
I haven't heard from you yet.

On Wednesday, 24 April 2002 22:16, you wrote:
> > For those who AREN'T into puking on people, research it
> > independently. Give it a go. You won't be disappointed.
> Hmmm...
> How about presenting your evidence instead of asking people to sod off and
> research it? And if you have outlandish claims, well back them up with
> outlandish evidence :).
> If you stood before a panel of scientistsand said we're wrong about gravity
> and said some claims without evidence...Well you'd be roasted rather badly.
> And if you suggested that they can and do their own research on your claim,
> well they would also laugh at that too.
> is useful to know.
> "BTW, my nick alludes to a practice on Slashdot, which newbies are
> generally not familiar with. "
> Yeah most AC's usually end up with -1 for FP (first post). ;)
> Matt
> PS Not trying to be mean, just want to know about your evidence.

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