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Re: [SLE] 8.0 report (This just in!)
On this auspicious new-release occasion, I'd like to note the SAFEST way to
finish your disk.

All modern diskdrives have automatic error-checking, and in some cases
-correction. And NO modern disk drives are low-level formatted at the
factory. (Just LISTEN to me) There is a bit that can be set that does
block-integrity checking during the period of the FIRST TEN POWER-CYCLES of
the drive. After that there is no block-checking, believe it or not.

If you do NOT fill up that drive within the first ten power-cycles you will
likely have intermittant, unexplained corruptions. This is true whether you
run Winduds, Linux, whatever.

The moral is to go to your disk manufacturer's website, download their
lowlevel format utility, and polish that disk. If you want, you can also set
that bit on all the time, though it could impede performance.

THEN install that shiny new 8.

This post is intended to HELP people, not stimulate flames. :)~

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