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RE: [SLE] 8.0 report (This just in!)
  • From: KMcLauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:51:11 -0400
  • Message-id: <918C70B01822D411A87400B0D0204DFF01C19A32@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
OK, it figures... nothing happens until I
bitch and moan, and then ten minutes later I
get the phonecall "Your software just arrived."

Now, if only the senders would learn to mark
the package as "Printed Matter", I would not
have been dinged another $26.35 in taxes when
FedEx brought it across the border.

I can hardly wait to take it home and take it
for a spin. (It better be worth it... grumble,
grumble... $79.95 US + $27.95 US s&h + $26.35 CDN...
yow! That hurts!).

So, if I correctly understand recent posts, I should
do a clean install, rather than just updating from my
current, messy 7.3 Pro with Ximian GNOME, since I don't
have much stuff that I (think I) need to save.
I want to get back to KDE anyway. GNOME is nice,
but KDE has a certain attraction... maybe it's the
accent.... :-)

Other than e-mail files, and (obviously, documents
that I've created and a couple of little projects,
is there anything I should bother backing up?


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> From: KMcLauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> [mailto:KMcLauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 3:10 PM
> What!!??! It's in the stores already, and they still
> haven't shipped me my pre-paid 8.0 Pro? The bums!
> :-)
> /kevin
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> > From: Cleary_Mike@xxxxxxx [mailto:Cleary_Mike@xxxxxxx]
> > Well, Best Buy does not have 8.0. In fact they
> >
> > have NO versions of any linux distributions at all!!
> >
> > CompUSA has 8.0 Personal, but not Professional.
> >
> > Sigh...
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