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Re: [SLE] Survey for U.S. users
I wish for a more consolidated config schema.

- To this day I do not know how to replicate one setup for all users (so it
is updated) real-time. Experiments with symlinking have failed.

- Sooo many customization files scattered all over the place, in /opt, /usr,
/etc, /home, and sooo many ways to mess it up. At least some sort of backup
tool that would save a whole system customization. Better yet, a more
cohesive customization system.

- A rational system for menu .desktop links. Should be able to simply move
files around within some directory structure (yeah like Windows) and be able
to right-click a menu entry to modify -- object-oriented.

- An official Suse backup program. One that would save *everything* in the
best io format, and that would be easy to do disaster recovery with.

- A simpler filesystem. I like one global environment (no "disk C:, D:, etc)
but I also like simple upper-levels with information categorized *below*,
rather than having 16 *irrelevent* folders visible at root. I'm one of those
who with Winduhs, had about 5 top-level folders. And knew exactly where
everything was, because it was organized.

- I dream of a *nix clone for Wordperfect. One that will import old WP and
M$ files perfectly and would save to M$Orifice docs perfectly. This alas, is
but a pipedream.

I realize some of this contravenes the Posix and whatever other standards, or
is under the control of someone else, but it's what I would like. Most of
this bears on simplification, in case you didn't notice.

Anon. Coward

On Tuesday, 23 April 2002 11:17, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been asked by the marketing folks to get suggestions on how the
> International version of SuSE Linux could be improved for the US.
> If you have any suggestions regarding features that could be
> added/improved I'd really appreciate if you'd send them to the
> reply-to address and not to the list. Suggestions like "Please
> upgrade package foo to version x.y" aren't terribly helpful,
> suggestions like "Please be a little less conservative with
> package updates" are. You get the idea...
> I often say that there's no point in complaining about things on this
> list because it's not read by the people who make a lot of the big
> decisions; this is your chance to bypass the feedback@xxxxxxxx
> bottleneck and give input directly to them. I'll stop collecting
> feedback on Monday, Apr. 29 so you have some time to think about
> it.
> Thanks in advance,

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