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Re: [SLE] Countdown - Tuesday
Reporting from the Dallas Metromess:
23 April 2002 12:57 US CDT

CompUSAs have restocked their shelves with lots of nice, shiny Suse 7.3's! I
guess the release of 8 got them off their butts. It is clear CUSA is not a
source for 8 in the South for the time being, where we don' know how to use
compleycated stuff like *nix...

Other sources indicate that CUSA has NO, repeat NO specimins of Suse8 on
Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, nor New Mexico, further corroborating this theory.

That is all.

On Tuesday, 23 April 2002 11:24, you wrote:
> 12:20 EST USA, Detroit
> Earlier this morning, a DOD satellite image spotted a suspicious
> shipment of "green and white" boxes being deployed to a local CompUSA
> outlet. Ground recon was dispatched immediately, which not only
> confirmed the arrival of SuSE 8, but retrieved one of the mysterious
> boxes for study.
> End Transmission

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