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Re: [SLE] passive ftp
On Tuesday, 23 April 2002 11:48, you wrote:
> * Anon. Coward (quantum@xxxxxxxxxxx) [020423 09:23]:
> > In practice, I have never had problems with this when connecting to *nix
> > servers, but always have to take down my firewall when connecting to
> > Winduhs machines.
> That's because most (all?) windows ftp clients default to active
> mode and *nix default to passive. One of the most common complaints
> that ftpadmin receives is from some windows user who complains that
> their "firewall" said we were trying break into their
>'s just them doing active ftp and opening
> a data connection to their machine of course but trying explaining
> that to them ;)

Thank you.
Now it's clear.

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