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Re: [SLE] If not SuSE, what other distribution?
On Monday 22 April 2002 19:35, Alex Daniloff wrote:
> Hello,
> > The list goes on and on. I only have Win2K installed to do the few
> odd tasks
> > that I cannot do in Linux - for example my bank has custom software
> that is
> > Windows only for example, and I cannot get it to work right using
> Are you using M$ Money for your banking needs?
> I couldn't make M$ Money work with WINE, nether I could find a
> financial application to substitute M$ Money.
> Looks like Linux doesn't have strong position on personal financial
> software market.
> Alex

Nope. I use Moneydance to track my spending - something I do way too much of
since the Euro arrived. No MS Money here... haven't used that travesty of
programming since 1998. When I discovered Moneydance, I bought a license.
It does everything I need for a home checkbook balancer... basically all most
people use MS Money for.

There's lots of Linux based personal finance software... Moneydance, Gnucash
etc. If you move a step up, The Kompany has some interesting looking
products (i've never tried them though)... there is a company in Canada that
provides Point Of Sale software for Linux. If you look around, there is
actually a fair bit of finantial software kicking aorund.

My bank - ABN Amro in the Netherlands - has, in the past, been seriously
xenophobic about using the internet banking thing. (They have full internet
banking now, but I haven't got around to applying for access yet.) They
designed their own "HomeNet" software for Windows. It is a custom dialup
package that allows you to see account activity and pay bills through an odd
email type system. When I fire it up under WINE, it does run... sort of, but
refuses to contact the bank. It fails with some error - conveniently in
Dutch, and my Dutch is not up to where it should be.


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