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Re: [SLE] If not SuSE, what other distribution?
Prolly starting to sound like a broken record by now, but I pick SuSE
above ALL distro's I have used. But in order from most favorite, to

SuSE (Pick a version any version)
Slackware (Takes a bit of work, but great once its how you want it)
Caldera (Cute distro to play with)

^^^ My Top 3

Red Hat

^^^ My least favorites

and lord knows what others I have attempted on a whim and just decided
"screw it SuSE is so much better".

Granted, if I had a choice between my least favorite distro's and
windows I will still go for linux over MS. Ease of use has NOTHING on
actual usability and customization in my book. I would rather spend 20
minutes tinkering and reading mailing lists and how to's to get
something working perfectly then sit on an OS that likes to spit,
sputter and beg for reboots in less then a day of uptime.

Robert K. Davies

On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 08:59, Tim Prince wrote:
> On Monday 22 April 2002 02:04, joe lerch wrote:
> > I have been using SuSE since 5.3, never really took the time to look at any
> > of the other distributions. Are there any other distributions near SuSE in
> > completeness and ease?
> >
> > I have grown used to YaST and liked being able to use it for everything,
> > and enjoyed having all the various software included ready to install and
> > run. If you are a seasoned SuSE user and had to pick another distribution
> > which would it be? Do any others include all the KDE and gnome , and allow
> > you to easily switch between them? Is SuSE a one of a kind type of
> > distribution, if so why? .
> >
> redhat 7.x, of course, give the option of installing KDE and gnome, and
> selecting at boot. KDE won't be as up to date as with SuSE. redhat is as
> easy to install as SuSE in a smaller range of situations. Dual
> boot with Windows is somewhat more difficult, and the range of supplied
> applications is much smaller. Development utilities (gcc et al) are not
> standard fsf versions.
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> Tim Prince
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