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Re: [SLE] If not SuSE, what other distribution?
On Monday 22 April 2002 17:39, Damon Register wrote:


> So, now more than ever, I am interested in Linux once again.
> In the past when I experimented with Linux I thought that it seemed
> to run a bit slower or require more resources than W95 but with
> the latest performance of Windows 2000 and XP, I figure that perhaps
> Linux is now way ahead in the performance area. Is anyone willing
> to give an honest opinion of W2K/XP versus Linux? Am I correct in
> thinking that now Linux will blow away W2K/XP?

I dual boot Win2K and SuSE7.3, and have noticed dramatic speed and preformace
differences between the two OSes. Linux far outperforms Win2K.
The hardware: AMD 1GHz, 700MB RAM, 108GB drive space across 3 harddrives,
Sony CDrewriter, GeForce2 video.
Some examples:
- Burning a disk in Win2K ties up pretty much everything, and the OS is so
busy that you cannot do anything else during the burn. In Linux, I can do
everything but watch DivX movies while I burn CDs.
- Gaming is much faster in Linux. I play the new Return to Wolfenstein, and
I get better framerates and can set the video quility higher in Linux than in
- Drive activity - copying and moving files is much faster in Linux (using
Riser FS if that makes any difference).

The list goes on and on. I only have Win2K installed to do the few odd tasks
that I cannot do in Linux - for example my bank has custom software that is
Windows only for example, and I cannot get it to work right using WINE. When
I am using Windows for some task, I usually find myself cursing at how slow
it is because I am used to the speeds of Linux.


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