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Re: [SLE] If not SuSE, what other distribution? ((Play on Words))
On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 16:39, Damon Register wrote:

> I just signed on to this list after a long absence so I missed the
> beginning of this thread. What is the joke?

Welcome back Damon,

The joke , as usual, has been long become lost in the play on words,
deliberately using the term "XP" for both the AMD processor and the MS
latest OS. But never mind.

> So, now more than ever, I am interested in Linux once again.
> In the past when I experimented with Linux I thought that it seemed
> to run a bit slower or require more resources than W95 but with
> the latest performance of Windows 2000 and XP, I figure that perhaps
> Linux is now way ahead in the performance area. Is anyone willing
> to give an honest opinion of W2K/XP versus Linux? Am I correct in
> thinking that now Linux will blow away W2K/XP?

For me, having used MS XP pro and SuSE Linux pro side by side, I would
it akin to having a Sat Navigation on board a Lexus 400 and none on a
Honda NSX . I know that's a bit so-so.

But within city limits, XP pro ,like the Lexus is just smooth and you
dont get lost, thanks to all the hand-holding. Now, when out of town,
with all the traffic cops happily on paid leave..... Hehehehehe....
...Boy, does Linux like the NSX fly or what. And now, imagine you have
the chassis/powerplant designer on board with you too. <GRIN> <GRIN>
> In the past I hadn't really pursued switching to Linux because I
> was still trying to learn C++ so that in the future I would be able
> to use Borland's Kylix to port my projects to Linux. Now that I
> have learned some C++ and have ported one of the projects to C++
> I would really like to know more about Linux performance because
> the latest MS products seem so bad.

Well then, you have definitely entered Shangri-la. Take your pick of
C/C++ IDEs from Anjuta to KDevelop. What are you waiting for ?

Please forgive the allegories.
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