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Re: [SLE] New Athlon Crashes -- Temperature? Kernel?
  • From: "Stuart Powell" <SPowell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 09:55:53 -0500
  • Message-id: <scc3de4e.008@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello, everyone.

My Ahlon 1.333 runs at either 51C/61C (123f/141f) at idle to 53C/63C
(127f/145f) at load on an Asus A7M266 board depending on which BIOS I
use, 1.04 or 1.05. I plan to try the 1.06 this week to see if that
helps. And that is with a SuperOrb cooler. Apparently, the Athlon's
are supposed to run OK up to about 90C (194f), but I would hate to see
mine run that high.

If the new BIOS doesn't help, I have vowed to upgrade the HSF to a
Swiftech MCX462 and use the newer Arctic Silver III thermal compound
instead of the Arctic Silver II I am currently using.

Swiftech Site -
Arctic Silver -
Good Cooling Supplies Vendor - (not the
absolute cheapest, but reasonably priced and knowledgeable)

Bye for now,

>>> propheci <propheci@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 04/22/02 09:38AM >>>
On Monday 22 April 2002 09:30, Jeffrey Taylor wrote:
> You may be sitting right on the point of temperature failure. Many
> commercial grade boards are rated up to 40C (104F). I just did an
> experiment, not running SETI@Home and Folding@Home for 24 hours so
> CPU was idle for most of the time. It dropped the average
> temperature 5C (9F).
> HTH,
> Jeffrey
> Quoting Robert C. Paulsen Jr. <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > I just replaced my motherboard/processor. Had a 300mhz Pentium II
> > and swapped it with an AMD Athlon 2000+. I am having trouble in
> > that the system crashes after an hour or so of use. Runs all night
> > if left alone.
> >
> > I added an extra fan to the case. BIOS reports CPU at 125 degrees
> > F, case at about 95 degrees F. Is this too hot?
> >
> > Is it possible I should be using a different kernel for Athlon?

125F for the CPU and 95F for the case is a bit too hot. usually, i get

45C (113F) for my Athlon CPU and 30C (86F) for my mobo on idle. i
don't use any special kernel. my advice is to either get a better CPU

fan (if you used the one AMD gave you, definitely get a better one).
or if your case has another slot for a fan, add one of those.


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