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Re: [SLE] Sharp Zaurus..
On Friday 19 April 2002 07:49, Brian Durant wrote:
> Does the new Zaurus support connecting to a mobile phone net directly or
> via an IrDA connection to a mobile phone?

Absolutely - can't remember the page now, but I did find a reference
indicating how to connect to certain cell phones via IrDA. You would probably
be better served to get a CF CDPD modem, like the Enfora Spyder, if you are
in a covered area.

> Can you send and receive POP and
> IMAP directly through such a connection or are you tied to the desktop like
> with Palm via a sync (MultiMail Pro excempted)? Anyone?

Absolutely. CF LAN and 802.11 cards are available, the Z itself will do POP,

Even when the Z is in the cradle, the sync connection is done thru TCP/IP.

Beyond that, remember, it's linux. With a network connection, you can run
SSH/SSHD, the Z comes with Opera, so you can surf, there are also FTP
programs, Boa webserver, etc. available.

Good Stuff.

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