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Re: [SLE] suse-kde@xxxxxxxx ?
  • From: Christopher Mahmood <ckm@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 11:41:57 -0700
  • Message-id: <20020418184157.GP4469@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* gilson redrick (gilsonr@xxxxxxxxxxx) [020418 05:02]:
> I may be wrong--and until proven so, I'm right...--but separating the two
> because "there's too much traffic" will only **increase** it, as many people
> will be posting the same question on two lists; more work for everybody.

People who are habitual crossposters have been dealt with harshly in
the past and will be in the future as well. It's up to people on
the list to label something as off-topic; I mean, it's silly to post
a question specifc to a Sparc here since all of the Sparc people
hang out suse-sparc, not here. In any case, the trailer on suse-kde
now reads:

To unsubscribe, email: suse-kde-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxx
For additional commands, email: suse-kde-help@xxxxxxxx
Please do not cross-post to suse-linux-e

Yes, I realize that people ignore those but when they unsubscribed
for crossposting they won't be able to complain too much. Also,
suse-linux and suse-linux-e are primarily for the i386 platform
since we have dedicated lists for the others (axp, sparc, ppc, ia64)
but all of those platforms might have KDE problems. It seems a
little excessive to force a ppc user to subscribe to a monsterous
list like SLE just because they have a KDE question.

Thanks for the input,



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