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Re: [SLE] Best graphics card?
  • From: Gerhard den Hollander <gerhard@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 11:47:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <20020417114722.L22852@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Derek Fountain <fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 10:00:13AM +0100)
>> SuSE is not at fault here

> Yes it is. SuSE is shipping a product which just doesn't work. If it doesn't
> work they should say "not supported", preferably on the box, but at least as
> part of the installation. I don't care about the politics, I care about
> whether it works or not.

I've installed a whole slew of linux boxes with nvidia cards, anmd I never
had problems (well, scrtach that, I've had millions of problems with that,
but ..

with 7.3 I could
- unpack computer, insert NVidia board
- insert suse install DVD
- do a full install
and get working X and everything
(not top notch X, but good enough to be able to run YOU or to get a
konsole/xterm in which I could ftp to the NVidia website and downld the
.tgz files

> I'm hoping that SuSE will have done something sensible for 8.0, like stop the
> X configuration until the RPMs can be acquired (via the internet or
> whatever), then running a script to plug in the right bits before running
> sax. i.e. automate the hoops that need to be jumped through in order to make
> it work properly.

Once again I am (a bit) confused.
I could get Sax to work on an NVidia board (with the opensource nv module)

> That's because no one claims that Winmodems will work flawlessly. If SuSE
> made it clear that nVIDIA graphics cards don't work properly without extra
> help then no one would be complaining.

OK, my mind is a bit hazy here, but I thought that if ytou try to enable 3D
in sax you get a popup that sez you need to run YOU or downld the tgz
filkes yourself.

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