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Re: suse linux and netscape 6.2
  • From: "S.Toms" <smotrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:41:54 -0700 (PDT)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.33.0204162238120.1100-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Ben Rosenberg wrote:

br> * Gahn Lu (ipfreak@xxxxxxxxx) [020416 18:37]:
br> ::Hi:
br> ::
br> ::I noticed soem problems regarding netscape on suse linux. In the
br> ::mail section, I could not delete unwanted mail via simple
br> ::highlighted them, i.e., when i highlighted some mails and then click
br> ::the button "delete", nothing happens. I can only remove then after I
br> ::opened them. When I compse mails and i tried to use "Address Book"
br> ::function to add addressese from teh address book, nothing happens.
br> ::The smae for the fuction of moving mails to certain folders ...
br> ::
br> ::Any ideas? on this? bugs from linux in general or just suse linux?
br> No. It's a Netscape issue. AOL has bloated the hell out of Netscape
br> and released it before it's time.
br> Netscape as the other person said is based on Mozilla and an old
br> version at that.
br> Netscape 6.2.2 = Mozilla while Mozilla itself is on 1.0 RC1
br> now and getting ready for a full release.

Actually, I believe they are still in the "preparing to release" mode.
It hasn't actually been released as far as I can tell from checking this
Though 0.9.9 is well worth the download if you don't feel like waiting
for the actual release which could be any time - meaning today, tomorrow,
next week/month.

br> -=Ben


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