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Re: [SLE] Re: Corel Wordperfect 2000 for Linux
Caution - Religious post from an EMACS person :-)
I use EMACS for text editing and developing programs. I also use it for
editing HTML, since it has an HTML mode. EMACS is a language sensitive
editor that works with most computer languages. While it does have word
processing capabilities, I personally prefer a true word processor for that

WRT:Star Office. While SO is now owned by Sun, wasn't it written in France
by a French company, Star Division? I personally find Star Office
cumbersome and limited, but it suits my needs. I also have MS Office under
Crossover Office.

On 16 Apr 2002 at 10:02, Brian Durant wrote:

> On Tuesday 16 April 2002 07:59, Doug McGarrett wrote:
> - Why would any sane person try to learn emacs when there are so many simple
> - GUI word processors and even low level text editors that are easily
> accessable - available?  An IT person might need emacs if there is no GUI on
> his system, - or even "edit" but for anybody else, just use a standard
> editor. - Just my 2c plain.  (I suppose that emacs might do some print-ready
> - layout, if one were super sharp.  But there are lots of other things -
> that do that, like StarOffice, for instance.)
> Don't get me started on StarOffice ;-) I know I may make myself quite
> unpopular on the list, but seen from the viewpoint of an international user,
> StarOffice sucks big time. It unfortunately is a typical US centric product.
> While it does support a relatively large number of languages in the "deluxe"
> or whatever version, it is not available outside of the US. Only the
> "standard" whatsit version is.
> As of yet, I don't believe (someone correct me if I am wrong - I haven't
> looked at SO since v. 5) that StarOffice supports bi-directional text
> processing (I don't need it, but there are a lot of people that do), nor do I
> believe that it supports the ability to write in Kanji, Cyrillic, Arabic;
> Hebrew (example) and English, Danish, French or whatever in the same
> document. There have also been people on the list complaining about footnote
> support problems as well.
> Nisus Writer was what I used on the Mac and I have yet to meet its match.
> Why would any sane person consider using emacs? If you read the thread, you
> would know that what I was ruminating about was that there were certain
> criteria that many people look for in office/text software and whether it is
> GUI or not isn't necessarily the first criteria:
> 1) How does XY stack up against MS Word/Office (.doc version support, .rtf
> support, und alles)?
> 2) Will support/development for XY vaporize?
> 3) How does XY bring me closer to cross-platform integration in my workplace?
> 4) Is XY GUI or command line? How steep is the learning curve?
> If you have some suggestions that fit the above criteria and also has decent
> international capabilities, please enlighten myself and the rest of the list.
> Many people seem to be interested in this topic.
> For a more general discussion on GUI versus command line, I would suggest the
> excellent book: "In the beginning... was the command line" by Neal
> Stephenson, author of "Cryptonomicon".
> Cheers,
> Brian
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