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Re: [SLE] Re: Corel Wordperfect 2000 for Linux
  • From: David Johanson <dcjohan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 19:41:32 -0400
  • Message-id: <3CBA13AC.4B98264D@xxxxxxxxxxx>
A quick note about CrossOver Office. I purchased the program and with
all the tech support Codeweavers offered, it won't even install on my
SuSE 7.1 SCSI box. Comment from Codeweavers was to upgrade to version 8
and try again. I note that MANY others are having similar problems, so
while some may find it works for them, that is definitely not the case
for all.


John Scott wrote:
> Tom, a word of advice on wine: If you love to tinker and read docs,
> readme's, and howto's on the road to successfully using software, then
> download wine and learn to configure it. If you want to skip all that,
> download one of codeweaver's products. The Crossover Office version is
> getting decent reviews for running general software (particularly MS
> Office) and I use the Crossover plugin myself. It works great.
> To run software with wine it's best to do a fresh install of the
> software you want to run with it in a local (linux) partition. Don't
> try to share install directories with your windows partition if you are
> dual booting. This is do-able but tricky. Definitely not worth the
> saved hd space. After you install the software, start it with
> "wine /path_to_install_dir/program_name"
> If you are referring to WPO2K, it comes with it's own integrated wine
> and you just click the icons from your menu or desktop. No commands needed.
> John
> beesknees@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >To all of you who responded to my original inquiry on this subject -
> >thanks. <snip>
> >
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