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Re: [SLE] KDE3 rpm's moved
OK man.

I guess you don't have a production system.
My system can't afford to go down.

I've run Linux for three years exclusively, so no Winduhs mentality here.
(doy) I am going strictly on direct experience. When software is not mature,
no matter WHAT platform, you had better not use it if you do not want
constant, aggravating, mysterious problems. You will spend all your time
tracing problems to BUGS, wasting your precious time and energy and not

Now please listen: when I say "mature software", I'm not talking about
kernel 2.0 . I run Suse 7.3 . It has some problems, mainly K2.2.2, but I
can live with it.

When you try to install an early release of any core software you'll often
see your whole system come tumbling down like a house of cards, and you can
never put it all back together again in a reasonable amount of time. (my
system is fairly complex)

My policy is to do a clean install every other release, and keep up with YOU.

With Suse8 so close, it is irresponsible to recommend to (learning) people to
INSTALL K3 NOW! Sounds like you just play. Play on n00b.

No crap here. Have a little decorum and show some respect for the list.

I'm just tellin' ya...
If God had intended Men to Smoke, He would have put Chimneys in their

> Sorry and I don't mean to offend you...but that's total crap. That is
> such a "Windows Update" mentality.
> How else is someone going to learn but to take a chance. Yes, the RPM's
> on the SuSE ftp site have some issue, but you can go to
> which gives you a base KDE3 install and it works just fine and even
> imports your KDE2 settings. What gets people in trouble is thinking that
> this will replace KDE2. Leave KDE2.x.x installed on your system and just
> install kde3 in the directory it's suppose to go which is /opt/kde3. And
> it will not interfere with KDE2.x.x .. you can even run KDE2 apps such
> as the ones I run (ex. Licq and Kinkatta)
> You have to go into /etc/rc.config and change the references from kde2
> to kde3 and if you specified the directories for KDE and QT in your
> .bashrc (the file that sets environment variables after login for your
> shell) then you have to change it from kde2 to kde3. It's pretty much
> that simple. I installed the KDE3 rpms from (which were made by
> a SuSE employee) and haven't had much of an issue. I tried the ones on
> SuSE's ftp site on my workstation in the office..this was a big
> mistake..I had to revert to the builds.
> If you have KDE and QT specified in your .bashrc or globally in
> /etc/profile make sure it looks like this...

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