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Re: [SLE] How hot is a really hot? Dual Athlon MP on Linux
If I were you (and didn't use a laptop) I'd set up water cooling. Then you
could overclock too.

tomshardware , amdzone , overclockers , etc.

On Thursday, 11 April 2002 17:52, you wrote:
> Yes, I've seen systems range from about 34 up to 48... I believe AMD
> claims that they can run up to 70 (not that I would ever let mine go that
> high. I have an NFS server running a Tyan 2462 with Dual 1700MPs and they
> run right about 38-40. the box has been very stable and very fast.
> - Herman
> On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Alex Daniloff wrote:
> ->Hello SuSE folkz,
> ->Recently I've assembled Web, DB and file Linux server on Tyan Tiger
> ->SMP2460 MB with two AMD Athlon 1500 MP CPUs.
> ->
> ->The BIOS has a nice feature to measure CPU core temperatures in C.
> ->Initially I used Thermaltake 6cu+ aluminum heatsinks with the copper
> ->inserts. I used Dough Corning white silicone heat sink paste.
> ->Idling CPU temperatures measured through the BIOS were at 35 and 36 C
> ->on CPU0 and CPU1. It's good but heat sink fans sounded like a jet on
> ->take off.
> ->I changed these heatsinks on Millennium Glaciator I (not II) pure
> ->copper heatsinks with built in fans.
> ->They came with Cooling Flow heatsink compound.
> ->The server became very quiet but the idling CPU temperatures raised to
> ->40 C on the both CPUs.
> ->I can't take measurements directly from from CPUs only through the
> ->BIOS and onboard sensors.
> ->Could somebody tell me please if this temperature at 40 C is normal on
> ->idling AMD Athlon 1500 MP CPUs, or it's a little bit to much?
> ->Shold I change heat sink paste, fans or just live it like it is?
> ->
> ->Thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
> ->Alex
> ->_____________________________________________
> ->
> ->

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