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problem updating php4 with 7.0

I've got an old box that I'm trying to update manually, according to the SuSE
site's instructions

My problem is this: I'm trapped in dependency conflicts. I've gotten apache
updated, but when I try to update php4, I get this:

root@ruth:/home/jkelly > rpm -U
error: failed dependencies: is needed by mod_php4-4.0.4pl1-132 is needed by mod_php4-4.0.4pl1-132 is needed by mod_php4-4.0.4pl1-132

I've updated libc.rpm, but apparently this is incomplete. Also, libhistory
and libreadline leave me clueless, as there is no rpm for them under 7.0.
Well, there is one for readline in the 7.3 tree, but attempting to install
that gives me conflicts with the bash.rpm I have installed, which tells me
that the branches (7.0 and 7.3) are too far apart.

If it makes any difference, this box was originally a 6.2 install, upgraded
to 7.0 via the 7.0 ISO CD.

Any ideas?

By the way, I would love to update this box the right way (i.e. jumping up to
a higher version, say 7.1 at least), but I don't have enough ram in the box
to do an ftp install. Likewise, other options I've explored failed to work

Joey Kelly
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When people fear the Government, it's tyranny."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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