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Re: [SLE] PDA's on linux question
> On Wednesday 10 April 2002 03:15 pm,Jon Doe wrote:
> > although I would love to have a linux based PDA none are in my price
> > range. The local Staples has the Zaurus, but wants $699 for

$699!? Wow, that's crazy - I was able to get a Zaurus at my local Staples
this past weekend for $500, which is the standard retail price, AFAIK.

Yes, it's a pricey unit, but IMHO well worth it. I feel it's well above PDA
class - more like a mini-laptop. It's got several features that make it worth
the price -

"Blackberry" style keyboard
a real command line - with a bash prompt!
SSH/SSHD available
real TCP/IP networking, via compact flash LAN card, CDPD or 802.11 expansions

I hear tell of other nifty applications such as an httpd server, sniffers,
python, portscanners, already has netcat, telnet, ftp, opera 5....

Did I mention the bash prompt?

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