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[SLE] First Post: Sound Config for Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop
  • From: neal mcdermott <neamcd@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 14:46:47 -0700
  • Message-id: <3CB36147.8000202@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hello to All:
This is my first posting to this list. I have been learning a lot from you just reading and am thankful you all are here and so generous with your time. I am writing because I have been unable to configure the sound on my Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop. Here is the problem:

First, I have to warn you that I am a rank beginner, and I have only recently moved over from Windows, and would say that I am able to follow most of the instructions in the manuals, but am still afraid that if I go into configuration files and edit them directly, something will be irretrievably destroyed, so please don't worry about overexplaining .

My computer is a Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop, with a 266 mhz pentium two processor and 192 mb of memory. It has a 12 GB hard drive that is dual booting Windows 98 and SuSE Personal Linux 7.3. It is up and running and I can connect to the internet and receive and send email, but as of now I have not been able to get the sound to work.

It is my understanding that yast2 tries to configure sound with the ALSA drivers. I have gone to the ALSA homepage and found that my sound card (NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV is the name of my sound card, actually, the AV stands for Audio Visual as this is a single card that is used for both audio as well as the screen.) is supported by the ALSA driver: snd-card-nm256.

Using yast2 I select sound from the hardware menu and yast2 correctly indentifies my sound card as: "MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device on Colorado Inspiron. " I select the "Normal setup" and receive this error message:

"kernel module snd-card-nm256 could not be loaded. you may have incorrect module parameters including I/O or IRQ."

I am assuming this message is referring to these parameters in my bios:

Audio: Customized
SB I/O: 220
WSS I/O: 530
Adlib: 848
IRQ: 5
1DMA: 0
2DMA: 1

There is a side bar to the error message that says to be sure that the alsa package from the sound series has been installed correctly, but I am ignoring this since I have reinstalled the system three times and have gotten the same error each time. The side bar also suggests that I try passing options to the alsa module, but I don't know what this means. It also suggests that I try using the oss/free module, which I do, but which is equally unsuccessful. Neither does alsaconf work.

My suspicion is that I need to fiddle with the I/O or IRQ settings, but this is not something I feel I have enough knowledge to play around with on my own. I hope this is enough information for someone to make a diagnosis.

Thank You.

Neal McDermott

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