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RE: [SLE] Appletalk and Linux

You will probably want to use TCP/IP since Linux is TCP/IP native.
You will also want to make sure that the TCP/IP protocol is installed on
your MAC. You can do this by clicking the Apple in the top left corner
and going down the menu to Control Panels. On Control Panels, do you
see a menu item for TCP/IP? If so, we're already half way there.

Set your Linux box to let's say, /24 (
and set your MAC to let's say, /24 (
(Note that I left out of the above plan in case you
wanted to add an Internet box or router to the mix in the future.)

Plug in a CAT5 cable from the Mac to the Hub and do the same with
the Linux box. Make sure that everything is powered up, and from
the Linux machine, try to ping the MAC. Do you get a reply? If so,
both machines are talking to each other...

What application are you connecting these machines together for?

Thanks :-)

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I have an old Apple 7600:Sonnet G3 upgrade card to 375 Mhz w/ 688Mb RAM.
Great machine.I also have a PC box running SUSE 7.3.I'd like to network
machines together.
I know little to nothing about networking.I do have a hub and some CAT5e
cables w/ RJ45 connectors on the ends.
Please treat me like you're talking to a 4 year-old with your replies if
you'd like to reply.
Someone explained this a little while ago but I can't find the thread.I
checked google and geocrawler.
Do I use TCP/IP or Netatalk?I know nothing of each.
I don't understand the lingo at the respective websites.
Please help.

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