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Re: [SLE] old hardware question

C., have you tried Small Linux?

>From the Small Linux FAQ:
"Q: What is Small Linux?

A: Small Linux is a partial distribution of the Linux kernel and support
files that can boot on older x86 systems with less than 5 meg of ram memory."

I have not used it myself, but here is a link to their website:

Mike Reith

On Sunday 07 April 2002 03:56, Clayton Cornell wrote:
> I have dug up an old 386sx25 with 4MB RAM and a 100 MB HD. I would like to
> get this system up and running.... with Linux of course. The problem seems
> to be finding a package that will actually run on the silly thing. I have
> yet to be able to boot a SuSE Linux floppy on it.... of course, chekcing
> the boxes ofthe various 7.x versions I have tells me that a 386 is out of
> the question.
> The ultimate goal of this machine is for it to be a simple play machine
> with basic ethernet/internet access. I would like to get one of the simple
> WMs running and a simple web browser as well, but this is not a must
> have.... more of a challenge once I get an OS installed.
> So... any suggestions? FreeBSD, RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake, Slackware etc all
> seem to have system requirements beyond the humble hardware of this
> machine. Am I stuck with loading DOS6.22 and Windows 3.11 <shudder>?
> C.

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