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Windows won't close, KMail and (or) Konq won't shutdown.
  • From: Brian Durant <durant@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:26:54 +0700
  • Message-id: <20020405092334.97B4B136A4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am starting to experience a problem where either KMail, Konq or both will
not maximize or close properly. I have not been able to isolate exactly what
starts the sequence of events, but at some point, where I may have had a
console window in front of KMail or Konq or Konq in front of KMail or vice
versa, the window behind is washed out and contains no details in the area
where the other window has been in front. Other times, my desktop shows
through the (rear) window when it comes forward. While clicking the minimize
button minimizes, the close and maximize refuse to work at all.

This usually occurs at the end of a long session and my solution has been to
simply log out. Now however, at startup of KDE, the system seems slower and I
can see Konq or sometimes KMail listed in my tray, trying to do something.
After a minute or two, it foes away and the system goes back to normal.

I realize I am not describing this very well and for the very same reason, I
don't know if this is a known issue of some sort. Can anyone enlighten me??



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