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Memory monitoring
Hi all.

I have a machine running SuSE 7.2 with an Oracle database and Apache web
server and other bits and pieces. One of the biggest problems in managing
the box is evaluating the memory usage. At present I use "top" then sort by
memory to see which processes are using up the machines RAM.

My question surrounds the memory figures and the accuracy of them. With the
database and the web server running the memory used figure is about 800mb.
According to "top" there are approx. 95 processes running in total. If I
shutdown the database webserver the number of processes reduces to about 40
and the memory used figure is about 750mb. How can this be correct? Am I
missing something here in the figures available using "top" and "free"? I
have noticed that if I totally reboot the machine then it starts up again
with about 70mb used for approx. 40 processes.

Has anyone had any experience with trying to accurately monitor the memory
usage of a linux box who can recommend a good method? Perhaps someone could
recommend a good tool that I could use - I use SSH to connect into the



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