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Re: [SLE] Confusing partitions, 2 questions
On Monday 01 April 2002 12:57 am, Bob Stia wrote:
> This is what PM shows as partitions. hdb1= /, hdb2 = /usr, hdb3 =
> swap, All primary partitions. That is what I set up originally using
> about half the drive. The space I set up, hdb4, is an extended
> primary partition with logical partitions inside for the new OS. Now,
> however, the Suse boot message shows the following:
> <6> hdb: hdb1 hdb2 < hdb5 hdb6 hdb7 > hdb3 hdb4
> Why is hdb2 the extended partition instead of hdb4? Is that
> something Suse did when it installed? My fstab also reflects the
> hdb1, hdb3, and hdb4 configuration. I guess that I never noticed it
> until I repartioned. Should I go back into PM and change the
> configuration? I hate to do that.......BTW should I set up a
> separate swap space for the new OS, or will it find the original swap
> space?

I believe that the Linux convention is:

hda entire drive
hda1 - hda4 primary partitions, any one of which may be extended
hda5 - hda12 logical partitions

Does that help?


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