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Re: [SLE] SuSE for non-geeks (was Re: [SLE] Mahmood's/SuSE's post -sales
  • From: Doug McGarrett <dougmack@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 19:03:15 -0500
  • Message-id: <200203010003.g2103OtK006046@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
At 08:57 02/28/2002 +0000, Fergus Wilde wrote:

I concur--SuSE (or any other distro) is not ready for application to the
masses as a suitable home/office desktop candidate as long as there are
other OS's which are much more friendly.

Well I would have said this might have been true up to the release of 7.3. I
know there's a lot of luck in this in terms of hardware (tho' it clearly
helps if you use mainstream stuff), but I recently had to reinstall both
Windows and SuSE 7.3 when a motherboard broke. The SuSE installation was
faster and the easier of the two, and set up all hardware right first time,
unlike Windows. This went down as far as the mouse-wheel, parallel port zip
drive and pass-through to the printer. I was ready to run, including a
decent (if not wonderful) office suite in the shape of Star Office. And
cost a *tiny fraction* of setting up anything like a similar working
environment under Windows, in which I would have paid for the office
suite, a
graphics programme, anti-virus, you name it.

7.3 required no 'guru' tricks, which is a good thing, because I'm not one.
only boot Windows now in order to play the odd game.

Just my 2 euro-cents,


I saw the next version of Star Office at the Linux show in New York last
If it really does what they showed, it will be stupendous. I only wish they
had imitated more of WordPerfect, but maybe some of that's in there. It's
supposed to be available in April, some time. Free. (I think.) I always
liked the WordPerfect 5.1 Windows version. I think they made it worse with
the extra stuff they added later, but I STILL like the current version better
than WORD. (I refer to the Windows version. I could never read the screen
in Linux.) If I didn't have to read modern word processer docs all the
time, I
would cheerfully run WP5.1 as mine.


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