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Re: [SLE] audiogalaxy once more - other case
Le Lundi 11 Mars 2002 17:12, vous avez écrit :
I> Hello!

I guess this topic was already discussed last week, but I still have
some problems with audiogalaxy:

I have registrated a valid account on the homepage
( and installed the AG-Satellite.
My account.txt file seems to be alright:


Yes, it looks alright

But I'm not sure wheater my .shares.txt is valid. It
looks like this:


It looks all right too.

When I start the programm on the konsole (AGSatellite-static),
the client seems to connect because I can see some requested files
on the audiogalaxy-homepage having the status 'processing'.
After a while, this status is changed to 'offline' and the satellite
seems to be offline / and the program itself terminates.

This is a VERY good result. AG seems to have changed something with their
client, I have been using it for month but now it complains about "wrong
account" and delete account.txt every time.
I know the account is good because I used it very much.

I have one file in the directory /home/user/audiogalaxy/
to share, but the web-interface does not show this.

Has anyone an idea?


Let me know if you find something.


I have problem with audiogalaxy too. I just reinstalled it now (I installed
it without problem two months ago).
I have

confirmed buy account@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thus I make file account.txt in same directory as
AGSatellite-static program
With lines:


As asked by readme.txt script

And the answer is always when I run AGSatellite-static program:

Invalid account, please edit/create shares.txt and account.txt

And my account.txt script is deleted

Thus can anyone suggest me something?

Alain Barthélemy


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