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Re: [SLE] CrossOver Office with SuSE Linux
  • From: Matthew Johnson <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 22:58:50 -0800
  • Message-id: <200203282250.44532@X-Message-Flag:>
What on God's frelling green earth are you bloody talking about. Are you
Is that plain enough? It was a question..because of the statement about
the Windows Easy CD Creator and CrossOver. I didn't say anything about
an end user creating bloody anything. Xcdroast already exists..among
other apps.

Well at least he thinks you can program :). But why on earth people want all
these apps that exist well in Linux I have no idea. Really Crossover office
is only going to be good for those who just have to have Word et al running.
Perhaps getting Tax cut etc would be good...But lets no go overboard. Next
thing people will want is Solitaire from Windows (and don't bother saying you
got that to run, yes you the person who is about to try to be a smart ass).

You know ..sometimes I really wonder why I bother staying on this list
when you frigging newbies know everything and know just how to piss
someone off with your condescending bullshit attitude.

I usually hit delete with those, but perhaps he made that error and did not
read what you actually wrote. Although when its aimed like that its hard not
to point out what he missed. Hope that made sense...


Outta here, gone beyond tired...This whole e-mail could be in Swahili (or
Canadian) for all I know....


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