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Re: [SLE] Partways there (was Re: [SLE] Hello, anybody home?)
  • From: Monte Milanuk <milanuk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 10:08:36 -0800
  • Message-id: <20020327100836.29ed5db5.milanuk@xxxxxxxxx>
Ok, something isn't working here. This is my setup (trying to adapt what
you did to my setup w/o completely aborting my existing setup):

Main server is, has the following in

/home *
/cdrom *

The DVD is mounted at /cdrom (hey, thats where SuSE put it). Not saying
it couldn't be accessed other ways, but this *works* when I do an install
from a floppy disk, so I don't think it really matters.

I went to the client (, and mounted
lansvr:/cdrom under /mnt/nfs temporarily, and copied the .S.u.S.E-disk*
file to /tmp, and the suse/setup/descr and suse/setup/du directories to
/tmp/suse. Then I went to /var/adm/current_package_descr and moved the
.S.u.S.E-disk file and the suse/ directory to /tmp/oldsuse and copied the
stuff in /tmp/suse in to replace them.

It still won't hold the changes to installation medium. I don't think its
a problem w/ the NFS/DVD end of things, because if I choose Next instead
of Save&Exit, I can go merrily about my way installing stuff from the DVD
over the network. It's just that the network settings are not retained
the next time I go to do it ,and I have to go back to
Change_Installation_Medium, enter the network settings, go to Next, and
proceed from there.

FWIW, here is the (long) output from ls -R /var/adm/current_package_descr:

DEMANDRED:/var/adm/current_package_descr # ls -R
. .. .S.u.S.E-disk-001.2001100117 suse

. .. descr du

. SuSE-Documentation.sel de.ser en_US.ser
hu_HU.pkd ko_KR.pkd pt_BR.ser spanish.pkd..
TRANS.TBL de_CH.pkd english.pkd hu_HU.ser
ko_KR.ser pt_PT.pkd spanish.ser Devel.sel br_FR.pkd
de_CH.ser english.ser hungarian.pkd korean.pkd
pt_PT.ser tr.pkd Dmz.sel br_FR.ser
de_DE.pkd es_ES.pkd hungarian.ser korean.ser romanian.pkd
tr.ser Games.sel brazilian.pkd de_DE.ser es_ES.ser
indonesian.pkd lithunian.pkd romanian.ser tr_TR.pkd Gnome.sel
brazilian.ser default.sel fr_CH.pkd indonesian.ser
lithunian.ser ru.pkd tr_TR.ser Kde-Desktop.sel breton.pkd
dutch.pkd fr_CH.ser info nl_NL.pkd ru.ser
turkish.pkd Kde.sel breton.ser dutch.ser
fr_FR.pkd it_IT.pkd nl_NL.ser ru_RU.KOI8-R.pkd
turkish.ser LAMP.sel common.pkd el_GR.pkd
fr_FR.ser it_IT.ser pl_PL.pkd ru_RU.KOI8-R.ser update.in_
MD5SUMS common.ser el_GR.ser french.pkd
italian.pkd pl_PL.ser ru_RU.pkd zzz_Alles.sel
Minimal+X11.sel cs_CZ.pkd en.pkd french.ser
italian.ser polish.pkd ru_RU.ser Minimal.sel cs_CZ.ser
en.ser german.pkd ja_JP.pkd polish.ser
russian.pkd Multimedia.sel czech.pkd en_GB.pkd
german.ser ja_JP.ser portuguese.pkd russian.ser Network.sel
czech.ser en_GB.ser greek.pkd japanese.pkd
portuguese.ser slovak.pkd Standard.sel de.pkd
en_US.pkd greek.ser japanese.ser pt_BR.pkd slovak.ser

. .. MD5SUMS TRANS.TBL du.dir
DEMANDRED:/var/adm/current_package_descr #

All right, breaks over. Back on your heads!!

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