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Partways there (was Re: [SLE] Hello, anybody home?)
  • From: Monte Milanuk <milanuk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:15:54 -0800
  • Message-id: <20020326231554.1103d1da.milanuk@xxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 07:08:00 -0500
"Rafael E. Herrera" <raffo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I posted a solution to the same problem early this year. Could you
search the list archives?


I have been fiddling w/ the solution that you had posted earlier this
year, and went thru the SuSE Support DB as well. The first part, getting
yast2 to stop griping about the CD version *is* covered in the SDB, and is
basically as simple as copying the .S.u.S.E-disk* file from the DVD to
/var/adm/current_package_descr and overwriting what is there (for those of
you joining us late).

What I did not get working is to get yast2 to accept the change of
installation medium from local CD to a networked directory (mounted DVD).
Actually, I'll correct that. Somewhere along the line I was trying to
fudge on the fix to the first part, and mounted first
/var/adm/current_package_descr, and then just /var/adm via NFS. Worked
pretty well as far as getting yast2 to not gripe about the version, but
still popped up a message that I needed to enter CD1 (which I didn't). It
also made the settings for changing the install medium actually stick for
a change. But once I unmounted /var/adm, since the other stuff wasn't
working, it broke again

How do I get yast2 to accept changes to the install medium?!?



All right, breaks over. Back on your heads!!

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