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Re: [SLE] Which FAQ? (was Re: [SLE] Archive search technique (was...
On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 17:51, Christopher Mahmood wrote:

Well, I assume that people who subscribe read the information they
are sent in the welcome message that tells you how to retrieve the
faq, messages from the archive, unsubscribe from another address,
etc. Every message that comes to you from our lists says to send a
mail to listname-help@xxxxxxxx to learn about the other commands as
well. I assume this even though much of my day is spent responding
to bounces people forward me (often with rude comments) and similar
things caused by their failing to read the stuff that is accessible
through the other commands.

Point taken. In my (dubious) defense, however, I'll note
that my subscribe info message is on a back-up CD somewhere
from many months ago and at least one computer ago...
I guess I'm too accustomed to ignoring list-bottom messages that
bring a canned response on how to use majordomo or listserv


Kevin McLauchlan
Chrysalis-ITS, Inc.
"Ultimate Trust(TM)"

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