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Re: [SLE] java (try your local mirror
first) has the file you are looking for - IBMJava2-JRE.rpm.


On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 15:33, Bryce Hardy wrote:
On Tuesday 26 March 2002 05:27 am, Keith Winston wrote:

The IBM JRE is on SuSE 7.3 CDs if you have them (I think on 7.2 as well)
in the Commercial software package set. It is called IBMJava2-JRE in YaST
but it is version 1.3.0. I'm not sure where it is on the ftp site.

I'm going to be buying 8.0 Professional next month, but I only have the 7.3
Personal right now, and it's not on the Personal Edition. I'm going to take
another look at the ftp site and see if I can find it.

Bryce Hardy (Santa Rosa, CA)

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