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Re: [SLE] SuSE7.3 Postfix (pop) connection refused
  • From: Landy Roman <landy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 11:55:44 -0500 (EST)
  • Message-id: <20020324165544.29CC13282DD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
who is the mail owner

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 17:44:52 +0100
Alain Barthélemy <bartydeux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


My problem is the following

I hope there is a guru of SuSE7.3 that can help

On my servor Postfix I upgraded SuSE7.2 =>
SuSE7.3 I installed the same
/etc/postfix/ config file after upgrading

I do then

telnet localhost 25 : OK connected

telnet localhost 110 : connection refused

The /spool/mail/mailboxes are filling up without

Bur impossible to retrive the mail port 110
seems to be unacessible

SuSEfirewall and personal-firewall are not
started => thus normally no firewall on the
Postfix servor

In /etc/inetd.conf I uncommented the two lines
with pop2 and pop3

I had the same problem with Postfix installed on
a PPP G3 with SuSE7.3PPC

Thus it seems to be a particular problem of

Is there a line I must uncomment somewhere in

Is there something new in SuSE7.3 that blocks
port 110?

What must I do apart from reinstalling SuSE7.2?

There is nothing in ./var/log/mail and
/var/log/messages apart from "connection

I repeat: the mailboxes are filling up OK and no
firewall on the servor and Posfix worked without
problem on SuSE7.2

Alain Barthélemy


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