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YaSTx and confirmation ritual
I noticed myself whinging in another thread, and
I also recalled the recent mention of SuSE 8.0
and other people's whinging about good ole YaST1.

So, I was wondering about the new, improved YaST2
in console version.
Specifically, how does it address one of the things
that's always annoyed me about YaST1: many of YaST1's
options are set while you are in the current dialog,
so that even if you [ESCAPE] to exit, it is already
too late.

Some of my most horrifying moments -- well, actually
they were MUCH longer than mere moments -- have
been spent watching the progress log of config
files being written, as I cried and pleaded "NO!
NO! Nononononono-o-o-o-o-o! Please, that's not
what I wanted! All I did was [ESCAPE] from
that dialog box! I just wanted to SEE if this option
was what I needed. I didn't want you to wipe all
the other config I've tried to perform over the last
three hours and also to wipe any possibility of me
ever getting back to it again... NO-o-o-o-o!"
But always, it was relentless... inexorable... and
so very final.

I know it's very coddling and Windows-like, but
wouldn't it make sense to ALWAYS have a "this is
the damage you are about to do; continue, or
back out gracefully without committing changes?"??

It could be a "Novice" setting. You gurus could
just turn it off, if it seems too much like your

Just a thought.

Kevin McLauchlan
Chrysalis-ITS, Inc.
"Ultimate Trust(TM)"

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